Best Dedicated Server Hosting in 2021

Make an online presence is now necessary like never before. The world is moving towards the digital age. So business intended to make a website and spread the business online also.

We have to have some basic requirements to establish a website. Hosting and domain. You may have heard a thousand times this. But there are various types of hosting are available. People are often confused which hosting you should pick.

You may have heard about the dedicated server hosting. Probably, You may have some idea about this already. Most of the time we may not face such type of hosting because it is not for normal uses. This type of hosting’s is very costly. Medium to large business can afford this only. However, we will analyze all the things related to dedicated hosting. So let’s get started.

In this article, I am going to cover everything related dedicated server hosting. From what is dedicated server hosting, best dedicated server hosting to cheapest dedicated server hosting. So without losing any time let’s take a deep dive into it.

What is a dedicated server?

Before going to discuss long on a dedicated server and all the related things, let’s starts to from the root. What has dedicated server first?

A dedicated server is referred to a whole server that you will rent. You may think in this way. Whenever you are paying the rent, the whole server is yours.

Dedicated server hosting gives you more control over your website. You will not be affected by any other websites traffics. website. Dedicated servers are much more expensive than the normal shared hosting. If your site receives tons of traffics than you should switch to dedicated hosting.

You can play with the server. You have the full access and you can install any software as per your need. It can easily customizable and recommended for developers.

Basically, there are two types of dedicated server hosting. One is managed dedicated hosting and another one is unmanaged dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Service
Dedicated Hosting Service

Managed dedicated hosting

In managed dedicated hosting, the servers are fully taken care by the hosting provider. If you see fully managed tag, then the hosting company will usually provide the things like, configuring, updating and maintaining the servers, conducting server maintenance tasks, server monitoring, security concerns like virus scanning and firewall configuration.

With managed dedicated hosting the host usually provides an easy to use control panel. From this control panel, you can manage the whole website. Because all the server related stuff is managed by the hosting provider.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting

In unmanaged dedicated hosting, you will have to take care of all the things. Your host will not provide the above services.

If you are a developer or have enough knowledge of server related stuff, you can happily go with this plan. Usually, you will not get any control panel with this type of hosting plan.

If you have a team of developers and want to customize the server and the installed OS, then you may go with this. Otherwise, you can go with the managed dedicated hosting and don’t need to bother about backend works.

Things to consider

Before going to discuss any best dedicated server hosting  you need to know some vital things. But, choosing a dedicated server is not as simple as simple as it looks. As you are going to invest a heavy amount on this, you should check some vital aspects.

Choice of OS

When it comes to choosing the operating system (OS), we have plenty of options today. The most famous are Windows and Linux. Linux is an open source operating system ideal for Apache/PHP/MySQL(LAMP) or Ruby On Rails. Linux is the most used server OS. Windows servers are the best for hosting Microsoft based ASP.Net etc. As per your business need, you can choose either one. Linux servers are cheaper as compared to a Windows server.


As you are investing high amount on the dedicated servers, you have the exceptions to get the best hardware equipped in the server end.

The two widely used storage types are SAS and SATA.

SAS is known for its high speed and high availability. So this is ideal for industries like banking applications and E-commerce websites.

SATA has low speed. So it is ideal for industries like data storage and backups.

Based on your uses, choose your hardware. Read the full specification before going to choose any.


Price is a major factor when you are in a search of best dedicated server hosting . Instead of choosing the best one, you can go with a host that best meets your business needs. Don’t go for the fancy unnecessarily sophisticated and expensive server.

Data Center

Data center plays an important role in dedicated servers. Data centers are categorized based on their level of services they offer. Tier III and Tier IV are ideal for business. Because they offer the best redundancy levels and server uptime.

Apart from that, the data center location also matters a lot. It is recommended to choose a data center in your own country if it is available. Most of the companies provide data centers in USA and UK. You may go with the overseas data centers.


Dedicated servers are usually used for high traffic websites and applications. So it requires a huge amount of bandwidth. The hosting provider often termed it “Unlimited”. But there is nothing unlimited. Make sure that the bandwidth is enough to full fill your need.


Resource monitoring plays an important role in dedicated server hosting. The managed hosting comes with cPanel that shows most of the activities like data usage and the performance of servers.


Does the hosting provider have both the OS, Linux, and Windows? Does it provide you space as you wish? Is the hosting provider truly providing a dedicated server? Sometimes, hosting providers sell “private servers” that shares with some other cohabitants. You want a dedicated server that is completely your and ready for customization.


If your traffic exceeds the limit, then you may intend to upgrade the plan. In this case, your hosting provider should be ready for the planned upgrade.


As you are the owner of a dedicated server, you have the root access. So you can maintain the security your end. The hosting provider also provides the anti-theft and antivirus software in additional costs. To prevent your website from malicious activities, you need to install several layers of firewalls also.


Support plays an important role in dedicated hosting. You will more often need customer support executive. So the hosting providers support start should be ready for that.

The best dedicated server hosting

Based on the above aspects, we can easily choose the best dedicated server hosting .

1 – Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting
Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is one of the trusted and best dedicated server hosting  providers. Inmotion Hosting is commonly known for its high-speed servers and uptime.

Their last six-month average uptime is 99.98%. It only provides a Linux based dedicated server.

Other hosting providers offer unlimited data transfers, but InMotion will set a limit on monthly data. This is not an issue because it provides a very high limit. One can’t run out of it.

It offers various plans and customization options.

The essential plan costs $105.69 per month if you buy for one year. It includes Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 processor, clock speed 3.9GHz, 8 GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 500GB SSD, 5 dedicated IP address, free SSL and much more.

The customer support is also incredible. They provide around the clock support and ready to solve any issues.

2 – HostGator


HostGator is a famous name in the hosting industry and also a best dedicated server hosting .

It provides various features including customization of RAM, SSD storage, and data transfers. Their last six-month average uptime is 99.99%. It provides Linux and Windows-based dedicated servers. It also provides a fully managed and semi-managed service. You can also choose HDD or SSD hard drive as per your need.

All Linux servers plan comes with cPanel and WHM so that you can manage hosting-specific functions and overall server configuration. Windows dedicated server hosting comes with the Plesk control panel and WebMatrix so that manage your websites and hosting-specific functions and overall server configuration.

The Value server costs $119 per month. It includes plan 4 Core / 8 Thread, Intel Xeon-D CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Unmetered Bandwidth and Linux or Windows OS.

They have also 24/7 support team ready to solve your queries. Their technical support team is also responsive.

3 – DreamHost

Dream Host
Dream Host

DreamHost is also a best dedicated server hosting  provider and one of the oldest members in this space.

All the plans of DreamHost come with built-in security features. They really care about your websites and offers SSL certificates firewall protection.

There is a major drawback that, DreamHost does not provide Windows-based servers. If your application is based on Windows, then this is not for you.

Their last six-month average uptime is 99.97%.

They also provide 24/7 support and the support staffs are always ready to solve your queries. Their technical support team is also responsive. They have also extensive knowledgebase. You can also find most of the queries there.

The basic plan costs $169 per month. It includes 4 core CPU, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD storage.

4 – Bluehost


Bluehost is one of the most trusted brands in the field of hosting. It is also officially recommended by WordPress organization.

Bluehost claims that it owns 2 million websites. Their last 6-month average uptime is 99.99%. This simply means only 1 hour of downtime in a year.

There is a major drawback that, Bluehost does not provide Windows-based servers. If your application is based on Windows, then this is not for you.

They also provide 24/7/365 support. Their technical support team is also responsive. They have also extensive knowledgebase. You can also find most of the queries there.

The standard plan costs $79.99 per month. It includes 4 core 2.3 GHz CPU, 500 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, 3 IP addresses, and free SSL.

5 – A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting

Any best dedicated server hosting  list is incomplete without A2 Hosting. It is a well-known name in the server industry and provides the best level services.

Their last 6-month average uptime is 99.96%. It provides both Windows and Linux dedicated server hosting. You can choose based on your need.

They also provide 24/7 customer support. Their technical support team is also responsive.

The Sprint plan costs $141 per month. It includes Intel 3.1+ GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1000 GB storage, 10 TB data transfer, free SSL.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server hosting

As you are going to invest some extra amount on the dedicated server, you should have the knowledge of this.

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of dedicated server hosting.


  • This gives you the feeling of your own server. This means you can do anything you want.
  • Dedicated server hosting is fast and efficient. So it cannot slow down because of instant traffic spikes.
  • You can run various types of applications on this server. It may not possible in cheap shared hosting plans.
  • Your websites or applications will load fast.
  • Other websites traffic can’t slow down your site as the website is hosted on a whole server. There is no sharing concept here.
  • It is very secured as compared to another hosting.


  • Dedicated server hosting is very expensive.
  • It is difficult to manage a dedicated server without having technical knowledge.
  • You have to check the health of the server regularly.
  • The server can crash and difficult to bring it back

Final thoughts

So, these are the best dedicated server hosting providers. If you think that your website or application actually need a dedicated hosting then, go for it.

If you have not any experienced team of developers, then simply choose the managed dedicated server hosting. You will feel comfortable with that. Before going to choose any provider, double check the consideration factors.

Which hosting provider you are going to choose? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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