Best Cloud Hosting Providers In 2021

The Internet is an ongoing trend everywhere. You can feel the presence of the internet around you and where your eyes move. We may not have the strength to thought a day or even an hour without an internet connection.

We are visiting hundreds of website for gaining valuable information or consuming their services. Every website we are visiting is hosted somewhere. Here you may think that hosting is so important and may be the backbone of the internet.

best cloud hosting
Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Many businesses are adopting this new era of internet and making their online presence. So they must need any hosting so that their website live all the time. There is a garden of hosting option available in the market. From shared hosting to a dedicated server. Most of the time it is confusing to choose the right hosting for a certain requirement.

But the old days of traditional hosting are gone. It’s time for the new revolutionary hosting. That is cloud hosting. After hearing this magical word, many queries arise. What is cloud hosting & how does it work like a ton. In this article, we will analyze all and deep dive into it. So let’s start.

What is cloud hosting & how does it work?

Before going to discuss anything long on cloud hosting, let’s start with starch. The most basic query is what is cloud hosting. The cloud hosting seems like little bit technical but let’s understand it in a simple English. Before going to discuss the best cloud hosting provider, we should have the knowledge on this.

The cloud hosting is nothing but a network of virtual servers that tap into an underlying physical network of web servers. This tap completely depends upon the actual needs of the website. So it is not fixed and can be scaled up or down accordingly.

On a technical level, cloud hosting is completely spread across multiple physical servers. You may consider this network of physical servers as the cloud.

At its most basic level, cloud hosting falls under the classification of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Under the IaaS side, you can use the virtualized hardware resources and install your own software environment as you build a Web application. On the other side i.e PaaS side, you have a software environment through which you can install and develop any Web application more quickly.

When you host your website in a cloud hosting, your files and other resources spreads throughout the network of servers. Means multiple copies of your website are present. Each individual server in a cloud hosting is set to carry out a particular set of tasks. This ensures your website is always live online for both you and your visitors. In the case of one server failure, there are many backup servers ready to serve the website resources.

Things to consider before choosing a cloud hosting provider

Cloud hosting is on trend. So many organization wants to migrate from traditional hosting to the revolutionary cloud hosting.

But, finding a right cloud hosting provider is challenging. Here are some factors you may consider to choose the right hosting provider.

  1. Cost

While cost is one of the important consideration factors when choosing the best cloud hosting provider. I agree that the quality of service should take the highest priority. Along with that, cost also matters a lot. Before comparing providers, remember that no two hosts are the same. Sometimes more expensive plans serve better service.

  1. High-performance and high-availability

The consumer has a high expectations on the hardware environment because of the dependency. So the service provider should have to provide the best level of hardware components. The servers should provide around 100% uptime. Any performance issue will cost a lot to the organization.

  1. Scalability

Check the scalability of the servers whether it is capable to handle peaks in traffic or not. No organizations want to lose customers. SO the service provider should support your growth.

  1. Compliance and security

The security rules are very tight nowadays. The new GDPR regulation states that companies can be fined up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual global turnover for failure to comply with security issues. So the hosting service provider should take the security and compliance seriously.

Check the security services comes with the plans. The firewalls, malware scanners, web security, and web filtering should be there.

  1. Control Panel

The control panel is an important consideration. The better user interface of the control panel, the easier it is for companies and organizations. Some famous leaders in control panel development are cPanel and Plesk.

  1. Migration assistance

Migrating to the cloud from your existing hosting can be challenging. The service provider can help in this case. A best cloud hosting company provide expert assistance with migration support.

  1. Technical support

Most of the organization migrating to the cloud hosting don’t have the fully qualified technical team. So they may go for managed cloud hosting that can provide a hustle free way to operate their business. The service provider will take care of the hardware, OS and patching, server monitoring etc. While the organization will administrate their applications. If any technical issues arise, then the service provider should ready for that.

One of the first consideration factors should be technical support. The host should provide 24/7/365 expert technical support. In addition to this, their technical team should be available at any point in time.

Best cloud hosting providers

best cloud hosting
Best cloud hosting

At this point, we have some basic ideas about cloud hosting and some related things. There are many hosting providers that are providing cloud hosting service.

As I mentioned earlier, it is quite difficult to find the best cloud hosting provider. But don’t worry. I have deep analyzed many service providers and tested them as well. Based on my research, I have list-out some of the best cloud hosting providers.

1 – Amazon web services (AWS)

We know Amazon as an e-commerce giant. But do you know, Amazon is the best cloud hosting provider? Yes, it is. Amazon is a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider as well. It is also the earliest member in the cloud space. AWS gives you a garden of options than anyone else in the cloud business. Anything you need, you can find here.

Do you have a requirement to store a petabyte of data into the cloud? Amazon’s Snowball will help you. Need backend support for your new Internet of Things (IoT) devices? AWS also starts providing IoT services and it is now in beta testing. Amazon SageMaker will help you with machine learning.

The cool thing is, Amazon provides free AWS services for one year. For your help, Amazon provides video series and knowledgebase. These will help you to resolve the technical issues most of the case. The customer support is also incredible. You can get customer service via phone, live chat, email. To say frankly, there is no cloud hosting provider in the market that can compare with Amazon Web Services.

2 – Vultr

Vultr is known for its high-performance SSD cloud servers. It is also considered as the best cloud hosting provider.

Vultr offers the 100% solid-state drives (SSD). They use the latest generation Intel CPUs with the attractive control panel. It is available in 16 low latency locations around the world. They provide full root access and dedicated IP address.


Vultr has flexible options at lower cost. It is suitable for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The control panel is very clean and has a feature to install some applications in one click.

Currently, Vultr offers four different types of hosting plans. Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2), Bare Metal Simplified, Block Storage and Dedicated Instances. The Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2) plan starts at $2.50/mo.

They have a dedicated FAQ section and an online community as well. You can find it at

You can contact the customer care team directly via email, ticketing or social media.

3 – Cloudways

Cloudways is also best cloud hosting providers. Cloudways provides affordability cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. They provide a wide range of features with their platform-as-a-service cloud servers.


It is commonly known for its pro-level managed WordPress and WooCommerce. Cloudways will take care the tricky site migration from one host to other hosts.

Cloudways works with four cloud service providers. Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and Vultr. You have selected a cloud provider as your wish, then you can configure your server.

With Cloudways you can create virtual machines and apps without touching a single command in Linux (OS). It gives you the freedom to select your own hosting service provider for the individual virtual machines.

The pricing varies according to the cloud service provider you choose. Check the pricing of Cloudways here. The most basic plan starts at $10 per month.

Cloudways provide good customer support. You can contact get in touch with the support team via phone call, live chat, or email.

4 – Bluehost

Any list of the best cloud hosting provider is incomplete without Bluehost. It has been evolved as a trusted brand in the hosting space.

Bluehost is among the selected hosting provider who is officially recommended by WordPress.


Their data mirroring feature distributes your site automatically to three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices. It ensures data safety and protection. If any disaster strikes, then you will not have any issue.

They provide automated failover. If any hardware device falters, your site is instantly switched over to another server to provide maximum uptime for your site.

With the instant scaling, you can scale up CPU and RAM at any time you want without a reboot.

Their Starter plan costs $6.95 per month. It includes 100 GB SSD disk space, 2 GB RAM and some additional features.

Advantage and disadvantages of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting provides an advanced way to host your website and also have some advantages and disadvantages as well. Before migrating to any best cloud host provider, you should aware these things.


Scalability is one of the notable benefits of cloud hosting. This means it has the ability to be scaled up or down at any given moment to handle the traffic spikes. There is no concept of server crash or downtime in cloud hosting.

Cost efficiency is another advantage of cloud hosting. Cloud hosting services based on the concept of pay as per use bills.

You can expect the highest level of website performance as compared to another hosting. Service providers use the best hardware components in it.

Guaranteed more server resources like unlimited storage, including more RAM and computing power.

You will get the latest technology with each plan.

No change of data loss due to server failure or any hardware failure. Your data is stored in multiple servers. They provide data backups any time if needed.

Your host will support to grow your website. You can upgrade anytime you want without losing the existing one.


With many advantages, cloud hosting has also some drawbacks.

The hosting provider puts some limit to the function and execution of the hosting infrastructure.

Some hosting plans are very costly. As the service contains all the high-end hardware components and the maintenance charge also high.

Nothing on the internet is fully secure. As the cloud hosting based on the network of interconnected servers leads to data breaches. Any cyber-attack to network results in a huge impact on your business.

Some users complained about the limited support from the cloud hosting providers. Before going to choose any of them, make sure they provide 24/7 customer support.

Final thoughts

So we have covered almost everything related to best cloud hosting providers. Cloud hosting gives a next level hosting experience which can be helpful to the business.

The cost of this type of hosting is very high as compared to another type of hosting. It is justified that the services come with the cloud hosting. If your business really needs to switch a cloud hosting, then only go for this. Otherwise, don’t migrate to this just for fancy purposes.

Before going to choose any service provider, check the vital aspects described above. You will get more clarity.

Which cloud hosting provider you are going to choose? Feel free to comment and let me know.

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