6 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog Right Now

6 Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today

Are you thinking of starting a blog and not sure whether you should take action on this thought?

Is it worth it?
Can you do it?
Do you have the time?

Here are 6 reasons why I decided to start a blog. And 6 reasons why you should do it too.

  1. Blogging is therapeutic

I have a mild ADHD. You might not have this but I bet your mind can’t stop running too. Believe it or not, blogging helps us to put an outlet to those thoughts. It helps me from being restless. It gives me a purpose. A purpose to write something, to share something that could be beneficial to someone else. It helps me give a job to those thoughts. Other than just running around in my mind, they need to be converted into coherent thoughts and come out in writing into this blog. Yes, blogging is definitely therapeutic indeed.

  1. Blogging gives you a creativity outlet

When you are writing about a specific purpose or topic, you give a function to your brain. The brain will always assess its surroundings, busy giving comments and judging and stuffs like that. But when you put a purpose to it, it’s not just doing all these things automatically and wasting your time. It’s actually digging in deep into a specific topic to create something new. And it will also assess your surroundings to contribute to that topic, picking up clues here and there which you might have otherwise ignored.

For example, if you are blogging about DIY stuffs, then your brain will automatically keep looking for new ideas and pick up things that it sees that can be converted into a blogging topic or project. See?

If you want to be more proactive in your work, blog about it. Put it in writing. You’ll be surprised how your brain jumpstarts itself newer and better every morning to create new ideas.

I mean, hey, all those thoughts running in your mind are better off creating things for you in your life, right? Rather than busy thinking about that argument you had with your friend or colleague. Let it go. Blog instead. Get creative!

  1. Blogging is rewarding

You do know that you have a reward center in your brain and it’s called amygdala, right? This reward center in the brain is the one that’s always causing you to desire for rewarding stuffs. That’s the one that’s responsible for that daily cup of coffee that you crave. That’s the one that’s causing you to go on a shopping spree when you’re down and losing those bucks on things you’d never wear. That’s the one that’s causing you to spend a little bit more on those shoes because it’s trendy over the practical ones.

Now there’s another way that you can reward your amygdala and save your money!


When you blog, and produce an article, you get a sense of accomplishment. And this is the reward that you are looking for. This reward get heightened when someone else reads your blog and tells you how much you have helped them.

The more you get rewarded, the more you feel happy with your life.

See how this goes? Blog your way to happiness!

  1. Blogging can make you money

Of course, the internet is a huge ocean of possibilities. It’s really pretty simple. You blog about something you love, you put wonderful useful content out there, people come and read your blog, people love the content and keep on coming back to your blog for more, and voila! You have a steady stream of visitors to your blog.

From here on, you can think of many ways to improve your blog in order to monetize it. Either through ads strategically placed in your blog layout, or promoting products that you truly believe in and earning a commission.

There are many other ways that you can monetize your blog. It all depends on how you look at things.

But bottom line is, you must have a wonderful blog which keeps attracting people to read your contents. Contents is key!

  1. Blogging can help you travel the world

LOL! Not literally no. But you get to meet a lot of new people. The wonderful thing about the internet is, you don’t need to apply for a visa in order to communicate with a guy who lives in another continent. Nor do you need to apply for a special license or passport.

If you’re blogging about fishing in the US, you can easily connect with another person in Latvia to share ideas about how they are doing fishing over there.

Share pictures, share experiences, share whatever, it’s pretty cool, right?

Yes, travel the world in your laptop. Get in touch with real people while sipping your coffee in your PJs.

It’s a pretty cool life, I tell you.

  1. Bragging rights

You’ve got something cool saved in your hard disk? A hidden talent that nobody knew? Or a talent that everybody knows about but you need more people to brag to? Frequent traveller with lots of beautiful pictures? Made some beautiful crafts? Fixed your hair beautifully? Created weird hand puppets? FLAUNT THEM!

It’s the internet! Claim your own personal space on the internet and do whatever you want with it. As long as you are not insulting others, offending others, making derogatory remarks or plotting to commit a crime, then you’re good to go.

There! 6 cool reasons why you should start a blog today!

You want more reasons? You need more convincing? Hit me up and I’ll talk you through. LOL. Kidding.. kidding.. no, don’t hit me up just to know why you should start a blog.

I’m not a blog advocate.

I’m just an excited girl blogging away her afternoon.